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YOKO ONO, Mended Cups and Unbroken Cup, 2015


YOKO ONO, Mended Cups and Unbroken Cup, 2015
17 x 29 x 29 cm
print on ceramics, 14 parts in display box, leaflet, tag, folded poster
published by Illy Art Collection, Italy
Collection Kees van Gelder, Amsterdam

“Mended Cups and Unbroken Cup” consists of six cups that bear gold, ‘shattered’ and ‘mended’ crack lines – accompanied by six individual saucers that state, in Yoko Ono’s handwriting, six catastrophic events that have affected the world; some have directly affected her life, and others only indirectly, yet bringing death to millions of people. Each saucer states the date and place of the tragic event. Why and how the tragic events have been “mended” is unclear….

The seventh cup in the collection, ‘Unbroken Cup’, is untouched with no cracked or mended lines, reflecting peace and hope with Ono’s handwritten words on the saucer, Yoko Ono: “This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection.”




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