ANNAÏK LOU PITTILOUD, White Between The Darlings, 2014 [leporello postcards]

ANNAÏK LOU PITTILOUD, White Between The Darlings, 2014
folded: 11 x 15 x 0.5 cm
numbered, signed
edition 200, here nr 47/200
published by Barbara Seiler Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

Annaïk Lou Pittiloud collects postcards, mainly bought at museum shops and kept as a kind of darlings. She exhibits them as pairs following logics that draw comparisons between different postcard reproductions of the same artwork. The pairs are mounted in a passe-partout with a little space in between.
In this edition Annaïk Lou Pittiloud created a distance between a reproduction of an art work and its description on the backside of the postcard by skipping the reproduced art work completely. Instead she replaced the front of the postcard with a description of her gallery exhibition at Barbara Seiler Gallery, i.e. “White Between The Darlings”.
Edition is available at Barbara Seiler Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.