CADY NOLAND, No Land, 2018 [book]

CADY NOLAND, No Land, 2018
28,7 x 20,8 cm
ink hand stamped book couver + envelope
Lümbeck binding, SC, 124 pp.
2nd and extended edition
mint condition
published by Anonymous, London, UK
Private collection, New York, USA

The book “No land” was first published in 2011. This is a second and extended edition, composed with a ‘Clip-on method’. It has been archived by The Archive is Limited, in spite of its unauthorised publication. The book consists of a peculiar compilation of ‘found’ reproductions of all sorts. The notion ‘found’ ought to be understood as trying to circumvent the artist’s strict control over the use and dissemination of her images, texts and works.
A hand stamped couver and tight envelope, and its cheap printing give it the looks of an artist’s book. In fact, it is a full colour chronological compendium of art reproductions taken from magazines, press clippings and exhibition catalogues. The title page of this book reads “Art reproductions of Cady Noland’s work 1989 – 2006”, as if it concerns an institutional catalogue. Instead art reproductions themselves have been reproduced.
There is no colophon or name of publisher that authorises this publication. On Internet there is a link leading to The Piracy Project, being part of And in the UK.