San Diego University, invitations, posters, 1988-1998 [printed matter]

San Diego University, invitations, posters, 1988-1998
various sizes
14 publications, mostly XL
condition: fine
published by San Diego State University Art Gallery, San Diego, USA
€ 250,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.SDie 746-pr

List of artists:
– Franz Erhard Walther, May 1990, 23,5 x 61 cm, 3x folded
– Mikolaj Smoczynski, 1991, 63,3 x 45,7 cm, 2x folded
– B. Wurtz, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Thomas Ruff, a.o. in Perspective on Place, 1990, 40,7 x 55,9 cm, 2x folded
– Barbara Ess, Duane Michals, Cindy Sherman, The Starn Twins, a.o. in Apparitions and Allusions, 1986, 61 x 45.7 cm, 3x folded
– Yishai Jusidman, 1996, 43,1 x 50,8 cm 2x folded
– David Bunch, Gavin Lee, Clegg & Guttmann, Catherine Opie, a.o. in Composite Persona, 1997, 17,7 x 60,8 cm, 4x folded
– Judith Hersko, 1998, 23,5 x 71,1 cm, 2x folded
– Francis Alÿs, Jamex & Einar de la Torre and Spring Hurlbut in Reconstructing Ritual, September 1997, 15,2 x 70 cm, 3x folded
– Elizabeth Newman, December 1995, 21,5 x 53 cm, 2x folded
– Paul Kos, May 1991,61 x 44,4 cm, 2x folded
– Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin, 1989, 43,2 x 54,4 cm, 2x folded
– Buzz Spector, 1994, 45,7 x 61 cm, 2x folded
– Andrea Zittel, A-Z for You. A-Z for Me, 1998, 16 x 69,8 cm, 4x folded + sleeve, orange sticker, 12 x 51,5 cm (3x folded)
– Noriyuki Haraguchi, April 1988, 60,8 x 44 cm, 2x folded

A collection of 12 posters and 2 brochures put in a home-made light weight box.

THOMAS RUFF, Sterne, 01h 55m/-30º, 1989 [signed postcard]

THOMAS RUFF, Sterne, 01h 55m/-30º, 1989
14,8 x 10,4 cm
signed with silver marker
splendid condition, with verso partly residual glue and paper
€ 225,- plus 12,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.TRuf 1027-pr


Uncommon signature put straight into the image of the print, by which the artist’s name creates much more depth to the depicted firmament. It functions as a repoussoir.

THOMAS RUFF, Gloire au grand Jacques Chirac / Glory to the great Jacques Chirac, 1998


THOMAS RUFF, Gloire au grand Jacques Chirac / Glory to the great Jacques Chirac, 1998
29,9 x 22,4 cm
photographic print, original cardboard envelope
signed, dated, numbered
edition 100 + 20 AP
published by Texte zur Kunst, Berlin, Germany
€ 420,- plus € 15,- registered mail


In 1998 Jacques Chirac being president of France is as head of the state also responsible for Foreign Affairs. He lifted his hand and nuclear tests were given free way. Thomas Ruff shows airplanes that start to lift off, human bodies as tools are scattered around. He takes the photographic collage as a means to criticize political structures à la Dada artist John Heartfield.

Division between looking and reading
The method of mirroring the textual parts is used for creating an extra moment of contemplation between what is shown in the image and told in the text.



In 1996 Thomas Ruff started his series “Plakate” apparently inspired by the posters of John Heartfield and Russian Avant-garde artists in the twenties and thirties. He made six photographic collage posters on politics of the late nineties.