San Diego University, invitations, posters, 1988-1998 [printed matter]

San Diego University, invitations, posters, 1988-1998
various sizes
14 publications, mostly XL
condition: fine
published by San Diego State University Art Gallery, San Diego, USA
€ 250,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.SDie 746-pr

List of artists:
– Franz Erhard Walther, May 1990, 23,5 x 61 cm, 3x folded
– Mikolaj Smoczynski, 1991, 63,3 x 45,7 cm, 2x folded
– B. Wurtz, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Thomas Ruff, a.o. in Perspective on Place, 1990, 40,7 x 55,9 cm, 2x folded
– Barbara Ess, Duane Michals, Cindy Sherman, The Starn Twins, a.o. in Apparitions and Allusions, 1986, 61 x 45.7 cm, 3x folded
– Yishai Jusidman, 1996, 43,1 x 50,8 cm 2x folded
– David Bunch, Gavin Lee, Clegg & Guttmann, Catherine Opie, a.o. in Composite Persona, 1997, 17,7 x 60,8 cm, 4x folded
– Judith Hersko, 1998, 23,5 x 71,1 cm, 2x folded
– Francis Alÿs, Jamex & Einar de la Torre and Spring Hurlbut in Reconstructing Ritual, September 1997, 15,2 x 70 cm, 3x folded
– Elizabeth Newman, December 1995, 21,5 x 53 cm, 2x folded
– Paul Kos, May 1991,61 x 44,4 cm, 2x folded
– Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin, 1989, 43,2 x 54,4 cm, 2x folded
– Buzz Spector, 1994, 45,7 x 61 cm, 2x folded
– Andrea Zittel, A-Z for You. A-Z for Me, 1998, 16 x 69,8 cm, 4x folded + sleeve, orange sticker, 12 x 51,5 cm (3x folded)
– Noriyuki Haraguchi, April 1988, 60,8 x 44 cm, 2x folded

A collection of 12 posters and 2 brochures put in a home-made light weight box.

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Find a purpose for the pocket, 1969 [unsigned]


FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Find a purpose for the pocket, 1969
ca 37 x 13,5 cm
canvas shaped pocket
unlimited edition
not stamp signed
published by Vice-Versand, Remscheid, Germany
€ 420,- + € 18,- registered mail Track & Trace
inv. FEWal 28

History pf prices:
Artax, Düsseldorf, Germany € 460,- October 2024 (unsigned)
Artax, Düsseldorf, Germany € 450,- October 2015 (unsigned)

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Works 1958 – 1970, 2003


FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Works 1958 – 1970, 2003
17 x 24 x 5 cm
5 clothes, 20 reproductions, 9 artist’s texts in box; comes with original wrapping with sticker
edition 100
signed, numbered
published by Gallery 360°, Tokyo, Japan
€ 980,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.FEWal 502

The edition “Works 1958 – 1970” is based on early performance works of Franz Erhard Walther.

inv.FEWal 502

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Find a purpose for the pocket, 1969 [signed]

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Find a purpose for the pocket, 1969
ca 37 x 13,5 cm
canvas shaped pocket
unlimited edition
stamp signed, dated
condition: good, slightly discoloured
published by Vice-Versand, Remscheid, Germany
€ 1.450,- + € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv. FEWal 27

Here the older and smaller version with stamped signature and date is shown. Franz Erhard Walther began making objects (…the work as a tool…) of fabric that invite the viewer to become active. Here a loop sewn onto the verso enables one to wear this triangle shaped pocket on a belt.

There are two versions: one with stamped signature and dated ’69 and one without. Apparently at some point not all editions were stamp signed and dated.
This work may be found with various titles like ‘Find a reason for this pocket’ or ‘Find a purpose for the bag’. In 1969 Wolfgang Feelisch advertised the multiple as “Find a purpose for the pocket”.

‘Multiple: Segeltuch in Dunkelgrün, genäht zu einer trapezförmigen Tasche mit Lasche, unlimitierte Edition; ca. 37 x 14 cm. Edition des Vice-Versandes. Schneider V 43; dort fälschlicherweise als “stempelsigniert” angegeben.’
From website dd 26 march 2024 of Artax Kunsthandel, Düsseldorf, Germany

History of prices:, US$ 1,800.- 19 August 2021 (stamp signed), US$ 1,800.- 16 April 2020 (stamp signed)
Van Ham Kunstauktionen, Cologne, Germany € 400,- (hammer price) 24 October 2019 (stamp signed)
Karl & Faber, Munich, Germany € 500,- (excl. VAT) 6 December 2018 (stamp signed)
Grisebach, Berlin, Germany € 400,- (hammer price) 29 November 2014 (stamp signed)

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, ‘Sockel: Hand und Arm unten’, 1969

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, ‘Sockel: Hand und Arm unten’, 1969
59,3 x 19 x 2 cm / 23 3/8 x 7 ½ x 0 6/8 inches
hand sewn fabric
edition 20
signed, dated, numbered on technical drawing as work certificate (A4 size)

not available



The pedestal or ‘Sockel’ to be actively used by the viewer is a central concept in Franz Erhard Walther’s work. During the 1960s Franz Erhard Walther produced a series of 58 sculptural objects that were collectively titled ‘1. Werksatz’ (trans. “First Set of Works”). The earliest of these, ‘Stirnstück’ (trans. “Forehead Piece”), 1963, involved using the front of the head to slide a strip of maroon velvet down a wall. The works in the 1. Werksatz series explicitly tackle the relationship body versus sculpture, also dragging in the problem of the pedestal. Here ‘Sockel, Arm und Hand unten’ (1969) is next to being a title basically an instruction for using the piece as a pedestal. Not only meant physically as Piero Manzoni anticipated his ideas with his ‘Magic Bases’ (1962), namely conceived as a means of turning anyone who climbed onto them into a statue, but also as “a condition that produce a mental image”. The pedestal is a metaphor for everything that supports the human individual and upon which our own images come into being.