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Dec 161969

FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER, Find a purpose for the pocket, 1969
26 x 14,3 cm
canvas shaped pocket, stamped signature and date
unlimited edition
published by Vice-Versand, Remscheid, Germany
€ 1.500,- + registered mail

Here the older and smaller version with stamped signature and date is shown. Franz Erhard Walther began making objects (…the work as a tool…) of fabric that invite the viewer to become active. Here a loop sewn onto the verso enables one to wear this triangle shaped pocket on a belt.

There are two versions: one with stamped signature and the year 1969 and one without with a different size: ca 37 x 14 cm. Apparently at some point a new series for this unlimited edition was produced. The idea to find a purpose for the pocket was more important, and not so much the right sizes and fabric colour of the multiple, unless another size speculated with another purpose.

This work may be found with various titles like ‘Find a reason for this pocket’ or ‘Find a purpose for the bag’. In 1969 Wolfgang Feelisch advertised the multiple as “Find a purpose for the pocket”.