TAKAKO SAITO, hand out by Takako on 14 July in Wiesbaden, 2022 [part of performance]

TAKAKO SAITO, hand out by Takako on 14 July in Wiesbaden, 2022
ca 14 x 15 x 7 cm
plastic cup with text “On on On on”, felt pen ink, bean, colour print, cellophane bag

This object in cellophane bag was part of a performance in Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden (Germany). Every ten years a Fluxus Anniversary is organised.
‘Takako’s performance consisted of her digging up all kinds of objects from a bag and throwing them one by one to the audience. Each object had one or more words on it. The people who caught the objects had to read aloud what was written on it. Completely different words, meaning didn’t matter, they were fantasy words to me. It did work comically, especially when she threw a lot of things in quick succession.’
From an email by Harry Ruhé to KvG, September 12, 2022

TAKAKO SAITO, Wassermusik, 2000

TAKAKO SAITO, Wassermusik, 2000
33 x 17,3 cm
hand made plastic bag, permanent felt pen ink, heat press ridges, metal rings, dried up water and sand from river Rhine
series of circa 2-3 unique works
signed, dated
inv.TSai 262-pr_for art handling use gloves

It is known that Takako Saito has made a few of these unique hand made plastic bags called “Wassermusik”, with geometric patterns alluding to musical scores without written notes. Apparently the water took care of the music. The bag is supposed to hang on a wall and was filled with water from the Rhine in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the long run this evaporated. Considering the use and age of this unique item it is in an excellent condition, without tears, cracks, rust or petrification. KvG June 2022

TAKAKO SAITO, Games, 1976 [hand made folder]


TAKAKO SAITO, Games, 1976
ca 50,4 x 35,3 cm
handmade cardboard folio with 21 offset prints, ink stamp, collage
signed, numbered, dated in print
nr 4/200, only ca 20 have been made
published by Noodle Edition, Düsseldorf, Germany
condition: excellent, lightly discoloured on the outside
extremely rare
ask for details
€ 4.800,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail
Priavate collecion, Amsterdam, Margin scheme
inv.TSait 344-pr

Each sheet is provided with a speech cloud and shows instructions of the game that may be played. This folder contains 7 different prints colored-in by the artist. Each print comes with 2 extra blank black and white prints, obviously meant for colouring them yourself. This game was designed to be played with other objects or pieces, as stated in Saito’s notes.

Two hundred signed and numbered copies were planned but ONLY circa 20 were made by Takako and sold (hence an early number from the edition). The amount of prints may vary from copy to copy. Fondazio Luigi Bonotto in Colseresa in Italy has a copy (number 5/200) with 8 different prints in its collection.
Ref. Takako Saito Fondazione Bonotto.


Introduction print in folio:

Example of coloured-in print plus two black and white copies