TAKAKO SAITO, Wassermusik, 2000

TAKAKO SAITO, Wassermusik, 2000
33 x 17,3 cm
hand made plastic bag, permanent felt pen ink, heat press ridges, metal rings, dried up water and sand from river Rhine
series of circa 2-3 unique works
signed, dated
inv.TSai 262-pr_for art handling use gloves

It is known that Takako Saito has made a few of these unique hand made plastic bags called “Wassermusik”, with geometric patterns alluding to musical scores without written notes. Apparently the water took care of the music. The bag is supposed to hang on a wall and was filled with water from the Rhine in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the long run this evaporated. Considering the use and age of this unique item it is in an excellent condition, without tears, cracks, rust or petrification. KvG June 2022