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Jan 182018
SOL LEWITT, Untitled, n.d. [pin]

SOL LEWITT, Untitled, n.d. [ca 1990] 5,4 x 5,4 cm glossy print, badge/lapel pin limited edition published by Rosa Esman Gallery, New York, USA rare, splendid condition p.o.r. This pin was produced for promotional reasons. It was sent to clients of the Rosa Esman Gallery […]

Nov 282017
SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, Arm Nederland, 2004 [kleine versie]

In 2003 The Netherlands was one of the Western countries that joined the Allied Forces called the “Coalition of the Willing” to fight against the regime of Saddam Hussein. This urged Sigurdur Gudmundsson to make a series of enamel plaques commenting the countries involved and who caused the killing of the dictator and fall of the regime.

Nov 142017
GERHARD RICHTER, Goslar Kerze, 1988 [poster, text]

GERHARD RICHTER, Goslar Kerze, 1988 94 x 99 cm (89,5 x 95) text on poster, handmade varnished frame signed edition unknown (possibly ca 100 signed with text) published by Mönchehaus-Museum für moderne Kunst, Goslar, Germany in this pristine condition extremely rare € 12.000,-