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Mar 282020
Schema Informazione 2, 1974 [magazine Galleria Schema]

Schema Informazione 2, 1974 30 x 21,5 cm number 2, 68 pp. published by Galleria Schema, Firenze, Italy condition: very good, although cover carefully used very rare € 180,- plus € 20,- Track & Trace registered mail   Schema Informazione is a catalogue published in […]

Nov 282017
SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, Arm Nederland, 2004 [kleine versie]

In 2003 The Netherlands was one of the Western countries that joined the Allied Forces called the “Coalition of the Willing” to fight against the regime of Saddam Hussein. This urged Sigurdur Gudmundsson to make a series of enamel plaques commenting the countries involved and who caused the killing of the dictator and fall of the regime.

May 232014

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, Ofrím, 2014 15,5 x 12 cm offset, 20 pp., HC, edition 150, signed, numbered published by Silver Press, Reykjavik, Iceland   The first edition of the book ‘Ofrím’ (English translation: ‘Over-rhyme’) was issued with a subtitle ‘ljód eftir Sigurd Gudmundsson’. This was skipped […]