DAMIEN HIRST, Virtue, 2008 [mug]

DAMIEN HIRST, Virtue, 2008
10 x 12 x 8,5 cm
mug, transfer print on ceramic
dated in glaze
published by Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, London, UK
€ 220,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.DHir 04-24-pr

History of price:
ArtSpace, New York, USA September 2023 € 321,-

CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI, Point d’Ironie, 1998

CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI, Point d’Ironie, 1998
43,2 x 30,6 cm
8 pp., offset on thin paper, text in English and French
added: Nr 23 – Thomas Hirschhorn
edition 300.000
published by Agnes B., Paris, France
mint condition
€ 100,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
collection of 21 issues € 600,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.Poin 000-pr


Available issues in mint condition:
Nr 05 – Annette Messager 1998
Nr 12 – Harmony Korine 1999
Hors série Point d’Ironie 2007 (“Société Anonyme”: Louwrien Wijers, o.a.)
Nr 23 – Thomas Hirschhorn 2001 (Dokumenta XI)
Nr 27 – Hanne Darboven 2002
Nr 31 – Yoko Ono 2003
Nr 34 – Michel Foucault 2004
Hors série interview Agnès B. 2004 (interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist)
Nr 36 – Tacita Dean 2005
Nr 37 – Ed Ruscha 2005
Nr 40 – Damien Hirst 2006
Nr 45 – Robert Crumb 2008
Nr 46 – Carlos Cruz-Diez 2008
Nr 47 – Koo Jeong-a 2009
Nr 48 – Walid Raad 2009
Nr 49 – Ryan McGinley 2009
Nr 50 – Christian Boltanski 2010
Nr 51 – Dayanita Singh 2010
Numéro spécial – Pierre Reimer 2011
Nr 54 – Pierre Henry 2013
Nr 56 – Robert Barry 2014


History of prices:
The Land of Nod, Ostend, Belgium, November 2023 € 30.- i.e. Nr 50-Christian Boltanski
Unoriginal Sins, Gorebridge Midlothian, UK GBP 125.- September 2021 i.e. Nr 05-Annette Messager

DAMIEN HIRST, Kids gift box, n.d. [ca 2014]


DAMIEN HIRST, Kids gift box, n.d. [ca 2014]
5,5 x 31,5 x 22 cm
cardboard box – comes in Other Criteria gift wrapping and ribbon – with 7 items: shopping bag “I Am Become Death Shatterer of Worlds”, “For the Love of God” A5 notebook with silver leaf on book edges, “Spot Keyring”, “Hirst Halves Game” (2012), “Butterfly Pencil” – yellow, “Spot Badge” and “Flip Book” – spin painting
edition unknown
extremely rare
published by Other Criteria and Damien Hirst and Sciences Ltd., New York, USA
inv.DHir 000-pr


gift wrapping:

DAMIEN HIRST, Mickey Mouse, 2014 [large or small version]

DAMIEN HIRST, Mickey Mouse, 2014 [large]
152,4 x 122,4 cm
silkscreen with glazes
signed, numbered
edition 50
published by Other Criteria, London, England
not available

History of prices:
Other Criteria, London, England £3.333,34 – excl. VAT, unframed, launch price 2014
Other Criteria, London, England £7.000 – incl. VAT, unframed May 2014 (“Please note that prices increase as the editions sell out.”)

Damien Hirst says: “The thing about Mickey is that even though he’s gone through so many shifts in form and association, he’s timeless. In a way, he means the same in the 21st Century as he did decades ago. He’s relevant because he’s remained so culturally ingrained and he still looks so great.”




DAMIEN HIRST, Mickey Mouse, 2014 [small]
87,5 x 70 cm
silkscreen with glazes
signed, numbered
edition 250
published by Other Criteria, London, England

DAMIEN HIRST, Isolated Elements Swimming in the Same Direction for the Purpose of Understanding (Left), 1991 [shopping bag, 2013]


DAMIEN HIRST, Isolated Elements Swimming in the Same Direction for the Purpose of Understanding (Left), 1991 – shopping bag 2013
ca 35 x 40 x 20 cm
firm plastic PVC bag, lenticular print, canvas handles, tag, printed text on bottom
edition unknown
extremely rare
published by Tate Modern, London, UK
€ 1.850,- plus € 32 Track & Trace registred EU mail
inv.DHir 000-pr


Damien Hirst PVC shopping bag, bottom:

DAMIEN HIRST, untitled, 2012 [tea towel]

DAMIEN HIRST, untitled, 2012
print on tea towel
published by Other Criteria, London, UK

Damien Hirst is entrepreneur and art collector. He is the most prominent member of the group known as the Young British Artists, who dominated the art scene in Britain during the 1990s. No matter how many spot paintings there are on whatever, there will always be more words spilled over them. Always structured on the grid the works on canvas look as if they were generated by machine. Here, indeed, dots are printed on a tea towel.

Other Criteria was founded as a publishing company in 2005 by Damien Hirst, Hugh Allan and Frank Dunphy, with creative directorship from Jason Beard and based in Marylebone, London, UK.


History of prices:
Artspace, New York, USA October 2023 € 287,-
eBay-positive_star_japan, October 2023 US$ 174.-
Other Criteria, London, England September 2012 € 18,-

DAMIEN HIRST, Untitled, 2009 [skull balloon]


DAMIEN HIRST, Untitled, 2009 [skull balloon]
card size: 6,5 x 9,3 cm
print on balloon, printed matter, plastic seal bag
signed in print, hand numbered in pencil
edition 5000, here number 1230
published by Contemporary, London, UK
pristine; never used
rare in this condition
Margin scheme € 485,- + € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.DHir 022-pr

“Contemporary” was a monthly visual arts magazine based in London. Founded by Keith Spencer as a quarterly publication, it re-emerged under the title “Contemporary Art” in 1993. Around 2000 it started to offer special inlays like CDs and stiff cards signed in print and hand numbered mostly in an edition of 2000-5000. In spite of its high edition this rubber skull balloon edition is extremely difficult to find.

Handling advice
Balloons made of latex basically deteriorate in time, think of Piero Manzoni’s balloons and the condition they are in now. When exposed to open air the latex shrinks and petrifies; the chemical compositions added during the process of making change, apparently. Therefore this item has been locked in its original seal bag with as less as possible oxygen enabling the tiny balloon to stay flexible, even after one and a half decades. This is done without squeezing the balloon itself. As a result, one smells the strong latex odeur when opening the little bag. It is recommended to handle the balloon with gloves to keep it away from skin moisture that contains fat and salt. KvG

History of prices:
eBay-Pop Flotsam Collectables, Roselle NJ, USA August 2023 US$ 1,900.- (Make offer)
Michaan’s Auctions, Alameda CA, USA 18 September 2021 US$ 240.- (hammer price)
Catawiki-user-3391bda, Italy 2019-2021 ca 280,- (estimate)

DAMIEN HIRST, With Dead Head, 1991

DAMIEN HIRST, With Dead Head, 1991
19,4 x 24,4 cm / 7 5/8 x 9 5/8 inches
C print, signed recto, numbered
edition 1000
Phillips Auction, New York, USA (Lot nr 243)               September 2007    € 1.500,- / $ 1,950.-
Artax Kunsthandel, Düsseldorf, Germany                     June 2013               € 2.800,- / $ 3,665.-

In September 2008, Damien Hirst sold a complete show ‘Beautiful Inside My Head Forever’ at Sotheby’s by auction and by-passing his galleries he works with. The auction raised £ 111 million ($198 million), breaking Hirst’s own record with £ 10.3 million for The Golden Calf, an animal with 18-carat gold horns and hooves, preserved in formaldehyde. Nowadays, and already for years, he owns Other Criteria a commercial company publishing prints, editions and books by himself in the first place and established artists.



DAMIEN HIRST, With Dead Head, 1991
57 x 76 cm / 22,5 x 30 inches
photographic print on aluminum, signed, numbered
edition 15
Sotheby’s Auction, London, England                                        June 2004   € 25.200,- / GBP 21,600.-