JOHN M ARMLEDER, Black Noise, 2017 [tribute to STEVEN PARRINO]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Black Noise, 2017
27,3 x 17,4 x 9,9 cm
32 booklets, offset, stapled, cardboard box with high gloss paper and screen print
edition 600
published by Ecart Publications, Geneva, Switzerland
inv.JMA 000

JUTTA KOETHER & STEVEN PARRINO, E-flux invitation Black Bonds, 2002

29,7 x 21 cm
print out on paper
mail from E-flux for Black Bonds in Swiss Institute, New York, USA

Black Bonds was an exhibition which reinvented anti-art’s collaborative spirit.
‘Our solution was to save them by blacking them out, canceling the image/object. A positive/negative, deconstruct to reconstruct, chaos to order to chaos… We decided to show these reclaimed paintings and dedicate the show to George Grosz’s Deathdada, caught in the flux between dissonance and consonance.’ Steven Parrino 2001
inv.SP 746