JOHN M ARMLEDER, Black Noise, 2017 [tribute to STEVEN PARRINO]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Black Noise, 2017
27,3 x 17,4 x 9,9 cm
32 booklets, offset, stapled, cardboard box with high gloss paper and screen print
edition 600
published by Ecart Publications, Geneva, Switzerland
inv.JMA 000

JOHN M ARMLEDER, The Puma Reality Bag, 2008

The Puma Reality Bag, 2008
ca. 23 x 50 x 20 cm
installation with various materials and objects, including Puma console
mint condition
extremely rare as complete set + console
inv.JMA 000-pr
€ 1.750,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered EU mail + extra costs for dispatch of large console


Mirror with silvery leather backside.
Brain Pouch of leather printed with brain logo by John M Armleder.
Brain Notepad, linen bound double notepad in offset print, curated by John Armleder, scribbles, notes, reminders, sketches       by 172 artists, inventors, and by creators from all over the world have been collected and assembled and reproduced.
Stencil 2007, metal object designed by John Tremblay.
Silk scarf Foulard 2008 designed by Philippe Decrauzat.
Silver plated pendant jewellery brain model from the original “Loasaceae double” 2002 by John M Armleder, with verso engraved initials J.A. 2008, 225 grams

Reality Display Map with project overview and comments,
limited edition 1000
also an unique prototype bag is available: ask for details

PHILIPPE DECRAUZAT, Trois Films Photographiés, 2011 [artist’s book]

PHILIPPE DECRAUZAT, Trois films photographiés – A Change of Speed, a Change of Style, a Change of Scene – After Birds – Screen O Scope, 2011
18 x 25 cm, offset
288 pages, 143 b/w images, 1 colour image
numbered, edition 400
published by CEC / Centre dʼÉdition Contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland
not available


Each copy is stamp numbered and composed of 18 quires, bound together following a random repartition order. Therefore each book is unique.

History of prices:
CEC / Centre dʼÉdition Contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland  € 58 / CHF 70.- December 2012


EP, 33 rpm
edition 350
recorded and produces by New Humans/Philippe Decrauzat
design by Philippe Decrauzat                                        
published by Circuit edition, Lausanne, Switzerland
mint condition


Two possible soundtracks for “After Birds” 2008 a film by Philippe Decrauzat. Performed by Mika Tajima, Howie Chen, Eric Tsai.
Side A
this but not this…..4:25
contact microphones, analog synthesizer, electronics
Side B
electric drill, mirrored glass, hammers, electronics

History of price
Circuit edition, Lausanne, Switzerland € 8,- / SFr 10,-  October 2012