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Jul 022019
OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled, 1991 [screen print]

OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled, 1991 ca 50 x 80 cm screen print signed, dated, numbered edition 100 Olivier Mosset is known for his circle paintings he made in the sixties. Basically he is interested in not only hard edge and monochrome paintings, but also in geometric […]

Mar 252017
OLIVIER MOSSET, untitled, 1991 [screen print]

OLIVIER MOSSET, untitled, 1991 107 x 107 cm (100 x 100) screen print on colored heavy paper, framed verso: signed, numbered, dated edition 25 rare € 1.800,- framed, excluding transport costs € 1.200,- unframed, excluding transport costs Sometimes a print reflects light more than the […]

Aug 122016
OLIVIER MOSSET, Buick Riviera, 2014

OLIVIER MOSSET, Buick Riviera, 2014 3 x 12 x 4,7 cm window chocolate box (11,5 x 17 x 5 cm) chocolate wrapped in celluloid signed, dated edition 50 published by Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, France p.o.r. inv.nr OM 322