DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions, 2015 [rent for August]


DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions/August, 2015
10,4 x 24 cm / 10,2 x 15 cm
hand stamped envelope, five photographs, 6 parts
signed, numbered, dated
edition 10
published by the artist

‘My studio rent edition series are a series of monthly editions that subsidizes my monthly studio rent. They are all an edition of 10 and sold for 1/10th of my studio rent. Most of previous ones are sold out (some are available at my gallery in Berlin). Each month I send out an email describing the new piece, and you can purchase one, and it is then mailed to you. Maybe this series could also be seen as a monthly mail art project as well.’

“…This is the email description for the August 2015 studio rent edition.
For an exhibition last year in Santa Barbara, California, I had 30 copies of my Public Access artist-book bound to library standards in an archival blue material with gold foil stamping by Trappist monks in Oregon. I drove up the California coast and left these books in local libraries.
The edition is five 4″x6″ photographs in a business envelope. The stamp and signature is on the back of the envelope…”

from an email dated 27 August 2015 of David Horvitz to Kees van Gelder.