DAVID HORVITZ, Untitled (la Grande Salinette), 2023 [postcard with glued on sand]

DAVID HORVITZ, Untitled (la Grande Salinette), 2023
10,5 x 15,8 cm
postcard, sand, mat glue
signed, dated, numbered
edition 30
published by More Publishers, Quenast, Belgium
For purchase contact www.morepublishers.be
inv.DHor 000

Plage la Grande Salinette is a popular seaside resort with a view on the bay of Saint-Briac-sur-Mer in France. The owners of publishing house More Publishers invited David Horvitz to make a postcard for a next edition. He came up with the idea to glue beach sand of that resort on a card. Hence the above postcard “Untitled (la Grande Salinette)” that was produced on the spot.

The back of the card mentions ‘From a distance…” that refers to a series of postcards that the publishers Tim Ryckaert and Amélie Laplanche have started to issue in 2023. Every time when they stay in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer (France) they may launch a new edition produced on the spot. Hence the name of this series that alludes with the fact that a plan is proposed by an artist and carried out from a distance…, while the publishing house is located in Belgium.

DAVID HORVITZ, Write a letter to the moon, 2019 [2 postcards]

DAVID HORVITZ, Write a letter to the moon, 2019
11,4 x 16,2 cm
2 postcards, FR stamp / US stamp, 2 orange envelopes
published by Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris, France
inv.DHor 552-pr

For purchase see Jean Boîte Éditions David Horvitz

The works of David Horvitz relate often to notions of nature such as the ocean, the sea, beach, rain or sky. Not seldom his text works call to action suggesting that mankind is loosing contact with nature. A touch of nostalgia is never far away.

History of prices:
Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris, France, February 2023 € 15,-
Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris, France, July 2022 € 10,-

DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions, 2015 [mail]

DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions, 2015
29,7 x 21 cm
mail in print


After a year of itinerant studios in free residences, I’ve re-started my studio rent edition series. If you don’t know this, they are a series of monthly editions that subsidizes my monthly studio rent. They are all an edition of 10 and sold for 1/10th of my studio rent. I’ve done this for years. Most of previous ones are sold out (some are available at my gallery in Berlin). Each month I send out an email describing the new piece, and you can purchase one, and it is then mailed to ou. Maybe this series could also be seen a a monthly mail art project as well. I’ve stopped posting info online, just sending their descriptions through emails like this, to keep things more ephemeral.

DAVID HORVITZ, Mood disorder, 2015

DAVID HORVITZ, Mood disorder, 2015
35 x 25 cm
SC, 72 pp., stapled
edition 2000
condition: very good
published by Chert, Berlin/Motto Books, Berlin-Lausanne/New Documents, Los Angeles-Vancouver


David Horvitz’s self-portrait with his head in his hands, ocean waves crashing in the background, was initially uploaded by him to the Wikimedia Commons, and placed on various Wikipedia pages. Mood Disorder documents the appropriation of David Horvitz’s photograph across the internet. The image began to circulate more intensely, appearing on over a hundred websites as a “stock” photo to illustrate articles on a wide range of mental health and wellness issues.

This artist’s book is still available at various selling venues.

DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions, 2017 [rent for March]

DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions [March], 2017
30,4 x 22,8 cm
ink drawing on tracing paper, envelope
signed, numbered, dated
edition 10
published by the artist



mail d.d. 15 March 2017 from David Horvitz:

Hi Everyone,

Here is info for March’s studio rent edition.

It is tracing paper.

I have traced with pen 35 scratches on a board that my cat has scratched.

It is March, and this month I turn 35.

So this is using cat scratches to count the years!

This is actually part of the process of making another work, which should be done in some months… Where I needed to get a trace of a cat scratch to make a gold foil stamp of it…

DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions [rent for July], 2016


DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions [rent for July], 2016
8,8 x 9,2 x 1,5 cm
ceramics, certificate
signed, numbered, dated on ink stamped certificate
wrapped in Raymond James bank account papers, addressed and mailed envelope
edition 10
published by the artist





‘July’s edition is a small ceramic depicting two seahorses mating. The seahorses were the object from my Frieze Projects in New York last May. I made these ceramics in Portland, Oregon. I pressed the seahorse into the clay… Looks like a fossil…’. David Horvitz, from mail 25 June 2016.


Frieze hired a pickpocket to roam their art fair, Observer, April 2016
Good morning on this foggy Wednesday, New York Times, 5 April 2016
Frieze artist David Horvitz retainers, New York Times, 5 April 2016




DAVID HORVITZ, objects left in the pockets of visitors during Frieze Art Fair 2016
each ca 8 x 9 x 2 cm
edition 1000
10 objects have been used for the Studio Rent Editions July 2016