DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions, 2017 [rent for March]

DAVID HORVITZ, Studio Rent Editions [March], 2017
30,4 x 22,8 cm
ink drawing on tracing paper, envelope
signed, numbered, dated
edition 10
published by the artist



mail d.d. 15 March 2017 from David Horvitz:

Hi Everyone,

Here is info for March’s studio rent edition.

It is tracing paper.

I have traced with pen 35 scratches on a board that my cat has scratched.

It is March, and this month I turn 35.

So this is using cat scratches to count the years!

This is actually part of the process of making another work, which should be done in some months… Where I needed to get a trace of a cat scratch to make a gold foil stamp of it…