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printed matter ROTH, DIETER

DIETER ROTH, Durchsägtes Farbphänomen, 1986 [book page, signed]

DIETER ROTH, Durchsägtes Farbphänomen, 1986
27,9 x 20,8 cm
book page, offset
signed, dated
condition: excellent, slightly smudged handwriting
inv.DRoth 615-pr

In 1980-1990’s an Autographengruppe in Bonn started to collect signatures of people well-known in sports, literature and the arts. In the early beginning of this century the collector’s group decided to sell little by little a part of their collection on Internet through eArt.de and eBay. Not only postcards but also pages of books were cut out after the members got hold on a publication that was signed on the spot.

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