EL LISSITZKY, badge, 1990

EL LISSITZKY, badge, 1990
5,3 x 5,4 cm
glossy print, badge/lapel/pin
limited edition
published by Rosa Esman Gallery, New York, USA
very rare
splendid condition
inv.ELis 24-pr

This edition was produced decades after El Lissitzky’s death in 1941, and so made without his consent. Nevertheless it is archived for curiosity reasons, being part of the Rosa Esman Gallery in New York that had apparently reasons for having such a pin made without an autorisation of the artist. The badge is similarly fabricated as the one of Sol LeWitt with iconic stripes in black and white. Opposite to the LeWitt badge the one of Lissitzky is verso dated: “1990”, perhaps a circumstantial evidence that both pins were made in the same period.
See Sol LeWitt [pin, ca 1990]