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FRANCESCO CLEMENTE, White Shroud, 1983 [text by Alan Ginsberg]

FRANCESCO CLEMENTE, White Shroud, 1983 – text by Alan Ginsberg
40 x 31 cm
offset, HC, 32 pp., cloth bound green cover with guild title, plastic dust jacket
screen print on first page
edition 1111, here nr 821
published by Kalakshetra Publications Press, Madras, India
condition: excellent, apart from tiny missing plastic part of 1 cm on plastic protection jacket, otherwise a flawless copy in the original tight acetate dust jacket, with Indian hand made rough linen cover
€ 240,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail inv.FCle 000-pr


page 1

page 15

page 18 – 19

History of prices:
Dr. Fine Arts, New York, USA US$ 300.- March 2023
The Archive is Limited, Amsterdam € 300,- July 2019
booksellers offer between US$ 252 – 350,- June 2014

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