FRED TOMASELLI, Guilty, 2005

FRED TOMASELLI, Guilty, 2005
13 x 13 inches
inkjet print, perforated archival paper
edition 100, signed, numbered
published by James Cohan Gallery, New York, USA December 2012

For his works on paper Fred Tomaselli saves New York Times articles and defaces them with paint because some articles have made him angry. Other works on paper utilize the grid form with brightly painted sections and were taken from LSD tabs which usually come in quarter inch perforated squares.
Fred Tomaselli: “In my collages, I use all these images that are made by others. They come through my hands and they end up being something else. You could call me the conductor of these images. There’s something similar about how newspapers operate, with their editors, fact-checkers, photographers, and writers all coming together to spotlight certain things and omit others. They try to present themselves as objective entities, but they are anything but that. I love the idea that in my work I’m just another subjective voice in this subjective world of the news. I become another editor, imposing my editorial acumen.”