25 x 21 cm
hard cover, 340 pp.
edition 2000; nrs 1-200 signed with felt-tip pen on penultimate page, numbered
2,000 copies, numbered with stamp on the penultimate page, of these a few copies are also signed, dated and marked h.c. in felt-tip pen on the penultimate page,
150 copies, signed, dated and numbered in blue ballpoint on penultimate page
published by Walther Koenig, Cologne, 2004
here unsigned
inv.GR 000-pr

In May 2002, Gerhard Richter photographed 216 details of his “Abstraktes Bild Nr 648-2”, 1987. Working over a period of several weeks, Richter combined these 10 x 15 cm details with 165 texts on the Iraq war, published in the German FAZ newspaper on March 20 and 21. ‘War Cut’ follows an ever denser rhythm in which texts and gaps take up the same amount of space as the pictures, creating a strictly composed work of open and closed layouts and their mirror images. A conceptual artist’s book about the war in Iraq and one may say war in general communicated through newspapers.

Extra information:

In 2012 a second edition in English was published with a different book cover:



History of prices – signed version edition 200
Bengtsson Fine Arts, Landskrona, Sweden $ 2700.-  November 2010