57,3 x 40 cm
digital pigment print on heavy quality paper
signed, numbered
edition 100
published by Die Welt, Berlin, Germany
mint condition
€ 7.800,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.GRich 401-pr

The own family is a recurring motive in the work of Gerhard Richter, opposite to newspaper clippings of people he doesn’t know and that he integrates in his paintings. He painted his first wife, Ema, he portrayed his daughter “Betty” as well as his “Uncle Rudi” and “Aunt Marianne”. The latter two family members were painted in relation to Nazi Germany.

The front page of the edition of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” depicts Richter’s second wife Sabine in a white bathrobe and his son Theo in a striped towel, although not recognizable. Painted in his renowned style of blurring a realistic image. Gerhard Richter remarked that it reminded him of Ingres’ painting ‘The Turkish Bath’ (the picture was taken in hotel “Waldhaus” in Sils-Maria).

History of prices:, Ravensburg, Germany € 8.714,- February 2024
Artsation GmbH, Munich, Germany € 10.400,- June 2016
Lempertz, Cologne, Germany € 5.208,- November 2015 (hammer price)
Artsation GmbH, Munich, Germany € 10.400,- December 2014
Artsation GmbH, Munich, Germany € 7.350,- September 2013
Artsation GmbH, Munich, Germany € 5.350,- August 2013
Die Welt, Berlin, Germany September (year of issue) € 2.000,-


Extra information:

GERHARD RICHTER, Die Welt of 5 October 2012
offset newspaper
29,5 x 40 cm
edition ca 251.500
splendid condition, folded to tabloid size as shown
published by Die Welt, Berlin, Germany
inv.GRich 000-pr