TAKAKO SAITO, Buch der Brust, 1984

TAKAKO SAITO, Buch der Brust, 1984
14,5 x 3 x 12,5 cm
gouache pen, pencil, crayon drawings, copper and thread hinge, handmade cardboard box, cellophane, 10 pp.
edition 8
published by Noodle Edition, Dusseldorf, Germany

Takako Saito shaked up notions of perception and aesthetic experience. Games of chess, playing cards, making art together, games in general were turned into a non-visual experience and activity, such as making use of smell, tactility, and aurality, with a result of breaking existing rules. She has made various kinds of books including Rhine water, sound of thrown paper cubes, and the like. In ‘Buch der Brust’ the artist challenged the traditional notion of a book by turning the pages into the shape of a women’s breast.