MARTIN CREED, Work No. 1273, 2011 [lithograph]

MARTIN CREED, Work No. 1273, 2011
76 x 60 cm
lithograph on 300 gsm paper
edition of 250
signed, numbered, dated
pubished by Counter Editions, London, UK

Martin Creed imposes simple rules on his creativity. He might create a painting using only paintbrushes bought in a multi-pack, or make only one mark a day with the same felt-tip pen until the whole paper surface is covered. Repetition, stacks, and intervals are familiar motifs in his work, along with ascending and descending structures. For Work No.1273, Creed has made five single brush marks using a palette derived from the Olympic colours. The marks are arranged in an ascending form that seems to represent an extended podium.

History of prices:
Counter Editions, London, UK £ 640.- September 2012