GERHARD RICHTER, Wald, 2008 [artist’s book]


GERHARD RICHTER, Wald, 2008 [artist’s book]
24,6 x 17 x 3,4 cm
offset, German language, 396 pp., ill., 1.3 kilograms
HC with dust jacket
edition 2000
published by Walter Koenig Buchhandlung, Cologne, Germany
pristine condition
€ 400,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.GRich 714_979

Gerhard Richter’s artist’s book Wald assembles 286 photographs that he has taken since 2005 in a forest Hahnwald close to Cologne. These photographs focus on fallen trees and branches lying on the woodland’s ground, i.e. photos on vertical tree trunks and horizontally piled logs or diagonally broken branches.

Opposite to the typology of the photographs, Gerhard Richter used a text taken from Waldung – Magazin für Wald, Wandern, Wissen, No. 1/2006, a German magazine about forestry. The text is composed of computer generated ad randomness, without syntax or linguistic logic. What is left of the original content is a collage of loose words and a scattered vocabulary of the articles in the magazine.

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