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Aug 292018

HANA MILETIĆ, Your façades are peeling off like red onions (words found in Zagreb), 2015
32.3 x 21.9 cm
stapled artist’s book, offset, 27 pp.
signed, numbered
edition 70, here nr 68/70
published by Mark Pezinger Verlag

Miletić refers to weaving as a kind of ‘care work’; more than just the production of cloth, it doubles as a mode of conscious reparation through which she can process the damage and disrepair she notices in the world into precious artefacts. No longer merely serviceable or disposable like their referents, they are ends in themselves. Yet they also seem to perform an ironic take on the economy of weaving, exchanging modest materials – albeit woven ones like tarpaulins and gaffer tape – for rich ones and trading functionality for aesthetic worth.