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artist's books THOMSON, MUNGO

MUNGO THOMSON, Font Study (TIME), 2011 [artist’s book]

Mungo Thompson: ‘The idea that it’s a standard-bearer is probably the reason—it’s “The world’s leading weekly newsmagazine.” I’m drawn to things that have accumulated some consensus, some cultural agreement that lends them an ease of reference. Something has to be familiar before you can attempt to defamiliarize it. At the same time I’m very interested in Heidegger’s concept of “the distance of the near”—the way we stop seeing common things.’

MUNGO THOMSON, Font Study (TIME), 2011
33,7 x 26 cm
artist’s book, offset, HC, 196 pp.
signed, numbered
edition 20/50
published by LACMA / Los Angeles Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA
Ref. LACMA shop Mungo Thomson US$ 325.-


All right pages show a different font used during the decades Time Magazine was issued.

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....the real avant-garde is in the head.