HREINN FRIDFINNSSON, Fragment of Remembrance, 1990

HREINN FRIDFINNSSON, Fragment of Remembrance, 1990
ca 48 x 72 cm / ca 19 x 28 inches (sizes may differ from each other)
iron, silver foiled cristals, 13 parts in wooden box with sticker
edition 12
signed, numbered on certificate
published by Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam
€ 6.500,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail
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‘Fragment of Remembrance’ refers to memories of his youth and is partly made of a rolled up iron sheep fence used in the countryside of Iceland to keep sheep together close to the farm, when they are not taken to the mountains for grazing. Born in 1943 in Baer Dölum, Iceland, Hreinn Fridfinnsson employs media that are remarkably varied in scale and substance, from photography, drawings and tracings to presentations and installations of sound, texts and ready-mades. As in this edition Fridfinnnsson often presents found objects with which he interferes as little as possible, creating new works that investigate ideas of the self and of time. He has said that: ‘Notions of time are always compelling. The feeling and the interest in the essence of time is serious, but my dealing with time is not knowledge-based; it is more exploratory and feeling-based.’

Certificate verso