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JIM SHAW, THE DOGZ – It’s easier in my brain / Willy Nilly, n.d. [1990]


JIM SHAW, The Dogz – It’s easier in my brain / Willy Nilly, n.d. [1990]
7′ vinyl 45 rpm single, day-glo ink on picture sleeve, signed by Jim Shaw

A self-pressed (neo-psychedelic) design by Jim Shaw single from 1990 features two songs penned by Jim Shaw (“It’s Easter in My Brain” b/w “Willy Nilly”) with musical backing by “The Dogz” – an all-star cast of early nineties Cal Arts graduates featuring Mike Kelley, Stephen Prina, Eddie Ruscha, Art Byington and Richie Lee. The vocalists include Shaw, Liz Larner, Maija Beeton, Cindy Bernard, Laura Graham, and Martine Tomczyk. Signed by Jim Shaw.

Cameo Appearance Records, Los Angeles, USA            US$  100.-   1990

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