HREINN FRIDFINNSSON, invitation card In-Out Center [hand written invite], 1972

HF1972invite651 Foto: K. van Gelder

HREINN FRIDFINNSSON, invitation card In-Out Center [hand written], 1972
6,5 x 9,8 cm / 7,2 x 10,4 cm
pencil on card / envelope
edition ca 15
published by and handed out by the artist
extremely rare
inv.HF 688

Hreinn Fridfinnsson preferred to avoid to draw attention to his exhibitions. Yet is was important to get some friends and colleagues to his opening. Instead of having a printed invitation card for his solo show in In-Out Center he handed out a completely handwritten invite with name. It could quite well be that this card is the only one that still exists. As this hand made card represents quite well the attitude of Hreinn Fridfinnsson it ought to be considered a piece in itself, actually.