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Feb 041972

26,4 x 27,2 x 2,2 cm
offset, SC, book object
edition 150
signed, numbered
published by Silver Press, Reykjavik / Amsterdam, 1972

‘Nidur / Down’ is a by Kristjan Gudmundsson hand made object book while living in Daniel Stalpertstraat, Amsterdam, in the seventies. It is a book about the ‘Highest point of land’ and the ‘Lowest point of sea’ containing many parallel horizontal lines on each page. The total amount of lines are equal to the distance of the highest point on earth and the deepest point in the sea.

The production of this self published book by Silver Press – owned by the artist – was very laborious and no more than circa 50-60 copies were made. In 1982 Ottenhausen Verlag in Aachen / Munich, Germany, took over the project and published a limited edition of 100 copies. Collection Kees van Gelder, Amsterdam