JOHN M ARMLEDER, U 40 drop cloth, 1992 [pizza box, multiple XL]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, U 40 drop cloth, 1992
146 x 59 cm
paint, varnish, show print on cotton
pizza box with label
signed, both on cloth and box
edition 106, i.e. unique series of which this one was folded due to its over-size
published by Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam, Netherlands


In 1992 John M Armleder exhibited in Museum Utrecht in The Netherlands. The exhibition was named “Pour Paintings 1989-1992” and a museum catalogue with all his Pour Paintings was published. On site and on behalf of his show he produced three large paintings that caused a lot of drippings on the floor. Armleder proposed to intercept these paint drippings on a large cotton cloth that would be cut into smaller pieces of cloth kept in a cardboard pizza box. In this way 105 pieces were cut with one exceptionally large left-over that was folded in the last pizza box.