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artist's books CARRIÓN, ULISES

ULISES CARRIÓN, Arguments, 1973 [artist’s book, signed]

The book Arguments was made with the help of Beau Geste Press. The founders of BGP were Mexican artists Felipe Ehrenberg and Martha Hellion. They ran a printing community of artists’ publications with their children and like-minded people in the countryside of Devon. Ulises, Felipe and Marta knew each other from a circle of pioneering artists, writers and actors – regular visitors of a cultural center in Mexico City in which Ulises steered the library for some time. While studying in England for his Master’s degree, Carrión contacted the Mexicans after he saw some of their publications. The proposal for Arguments, however, was conceived in Amsterdam. Ehrenberg responded by saying that Ulises had to come over and create the book in collaboration with them. Money was scarce at first, but Felipe’s idea of a luxury edition on coloured paper, meant to be a flirtation with collectors, was thought to solve the financial issues. It soon appeared in an edition of 400 (200 in colour and 200 in white) – a great book among Carrión’s impressive list of books, released in 1973. Tineke Reijnders, 2017

ULISES CARRIÓN, Arguments, 1973
22,4 x 15,3 cm
52 pp., SC
edition 400 of which 200 are printed on Strathmore Grandee (colour) paper
published by Beau Geste Press, Cullompton, Devon, England
scuffing on top of front cover
here signed
signed as such extremely rare

Each of the 25 Arguments is hand numbered, with corrections by the artist on the last three pages. Although the cover shows some scuffing this copy is extremely rare, since it has been hand signed by Ulises Carrión. On the title page the artist’s book is signed in print, so here hand signed on the fly leave in the front. When I bought this at Other Books and So Ulises Carrión offered me to sign his book. As such this copy can be considered as a authorised autonomous art work and is most likely the only copy that has been signed, and i.e. signed without any dedication. KvG

An unsigned copy is in the collection of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

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