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ULISES CARRIÓN, Dancing With You, 1973 [artist’s book]

In the books Ulises Carrión has made, lists are one of his favorite methods to give structure to what is aid and shown; archival order, sequence, the experience of time, etc. In his book “Dancing with You” he has made a kind of ode to someone he likes dancing with. The musical scores on the cover and a list with poem-like descriptions of each classical dance makes the book into joyful combination of rhythm, language and music.

ULISES CARRIÓN, Dancing With You, 1973
20,6 x 15,6 cm
30 pp., SC, artist’s book, Japanese binding, ink stamped pages with name stamp on cover
numbered 42/100
aged couver, front partly yellowed
condition: inside very good
published by In-Out Productions, Amsterdam, Netherlands
in the collection of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
receipt of purchases at ‘Other Books and So’ at Herengracht 227, Amsterdam, handwritten by Ulises Carrión




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