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artist's books CARRIÓN, ULISES

ULISES CARRIÓN, Dancing With You, 1973 [artist’s book]

In the books Ulises Carrión has made, lists are one of his favorite methods to give structure to what is said and shown. He uses archival order, sequence and summing up instructions for how to dance a foxtrot, etc. In his book “Dancing with You” he has made a kind of ode to someone he likes dancing with. The musical scores on the cover and a list with poem-like descriptions of each classical dance makes the book into a joyful combination of rhythm and language. A bookwork as he called it.

ULISES CARRIÓN, Dancing With You, 1973
20,6 x 15,6 cm
30 pp., SC, artist’s book, Japanese binding, ink stamped pages with name stamp on cover
numbered 42/100
cover with obvious age toning
condition: inside excellent
published by In-Out Productions, Amsterdam, Netherlands
extremely rare


This artist’s book comes with a receipt of purchases at ‘Other Books and So’ at Herengracht 227, Amsterdam, handwritten receipt by Ulises Carrión. French folded pages, hence visible elevation on the right side. An unsigned copy is in the collection of Stedelijk Musuem Amsterdam.



History of price:
The Idea of the Book, Portland, OR, USA May 2022 US$ 4,500.-

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