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Aug 262018

ULISES CARRIÓN, Tell me what sort of wallpaper your room has and I will tell you who you are, 1974 (“2nd edition”)
16,7 x 12,3 cm
20 pp., SC, collage on couver, hand written texts – as issued – on samples of wallpaper, ink stamped name
stamp dated
edition ca 50
published by In-Out Productions, Amsterdam, Netherlands
condition: very good, although with discoloured cover
€ 4.200,- plus € 18,- registered mail Track & Trace


Although this copy is part of a second edition, this artist’s book is opposite to the first edition completely handwritten by Ulises Carrión. The first edition was typewritten, and therefore perhaps more personal.

On one particular day, Carrión was very happy to find the fashion books of a wallpaper company on the street in front of Rath & Doodeheefver, well-known for their outstanding quality (now in the collection of the Amsterdam Museum). He cut them to become the pages of his book “Tell me what sort of wallpaper your room has and I will tell you who you are”. He used the different designs for the identification of the rooms, such as: my sister’s room, my guestroom, my psychiatrists’ room. Some booklets were sold and others were given away, and soon a second edition of 50 copies was required, made with handwritten designations as opposed to the first series’ typewritten designations. A copy of this wallpaper book is in the collection of Stedelijk Museum. Tineke Reijnders, 2017



First edition: