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JONATHAN MONK, A controlled chance encounter, 2012

JONATHAN MONK, A controlled chance encounter, 2012
74 x 36 x 2 cm
spray paint, cardboard mailing wrap
edition 14 + 4 AP, signed, numbered
published by Monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben, Berlin, Germany                                     € 900,-   December 2012

Jonathan Monk has chosen to use the innerside of  a cardboard mailing envelope after he walked in his studio over such a mailing wrap protecting the floor for paint stains.  In this envelope a recent Monopol Magazine is send to the addressee.  The 14 copies + 4 AP’s of the edition differ slightly from each other. The work is finished when the magazine and envelope is mailed and after receipt is opened, the magazine has been taken out and is either pinned on a wall, framed or merely put on the table.  Jonathan Monk comments: ‘Eventuelle Dellen oder Kratzer auf dem Postweg machen das Werk nur schöner!’

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