JONATHAN MONK, Dada Necklace, 2012

JONATHAN MONK, Dada Necklace, 2012
MDF, brass plated steel chain, silver spray paint on cardboard
73 x 37 cm / 9,4 x 10,3 cm, chaîne: 90 cm
edition 100
produced by Galerie de Multiples, Paris, France      

With this piece it seems that Jonathan Monk responded to the Dada bracelet of his French collegue Claude Closky who is known for making Appropriation art using advertising, fashion and commodity items. Closky made a fashionable bracelet ‘Dada DIY’ referring to the protest movement Dada, as well as to a fashion brand like Prada, making his bracelet into a kind of double Appropriation art. Jonathan Monk is known for recycling ideas of established artists and probably in turn decided to make his own necklace out of the four letters with chain, as a triple appropriated art work.

History of prices:
Galerie de Multiples, Paris, France  € 150,-  October 2012