JONATHAN MONK, Hand Painted by Hand, 2015

JONATHAN MONK, Hand Painted by Hand, 2015
26,7 x 19 cm
gouache on digital photographic fiber based matt paper
unique hand painted series of 25, here number 3/25
pristine condition, with waves in paper as issued
published by Camden Arts Centre, London, UK
inv.JMon 1097
available at publisher

This edition shows the hand from Bas Jan Ader’s work I’m Too Sad to Tell You, with the background painted by hand by Jonathan Monk. The latter is known for emphasizing the simplicity inherently present in a working plan like painting a background of a hand by his hand. Any subject is allowed as long as the obvious can be banally pushed further: “… Once something has been done, it can be done again in a different colour.” By means of doubling and repeating the result has most of the time the effect of a Fluxus-like humor.

Together with artists like Yann Sérandour, Claude Closky, Nicolas Chardon, Martin Creed a.o. Jonathan Monk belongs to a generation that is – apparently being impressed by historical mile stones – making use of references to works of famous colleagues in the past.