JONATHAN MONK, Push or Pull?, 2012

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JONATHAN MONK, Push or Pull?, 2012
30 x 20 x 0,8 cm
anodized aluminum door sign, transparent perspex
signed and numbered on certificate, edition of 20 + 3 A.P.
More Publishers, Brussels, Belgium
inv.JMon 000

In 2006 Jonathan Monk told David Shrigley in an interview: “I now think the only thing that stayed with me after art school was the idea of context. What and where things are placed in relationship to other things in the world.” The work ‘Push or Pull?’ could be quite well considered as such a thing, the more since the question mark seems to refer to anyone who stands in front of a glass door swiftly deciding either to push or pull. If this sign would be mounted on a glass door in a practical way, the question mark in the title would’t make much sense apart from being very practical for getting a door open in the right way. In order to safe the interrogative part in this work one could easily imagine to mount the transparant persex door sign in a non-practical way on a glass door. Meaning that if one pushes the door it will be blocked and at once the question is raised: ‘Push or Pull?’. KvG May 2013