JOSEPH BEUYS, Diebstahl, n.d. [between 1974-1977]

JOSEPH BEUYS, Diebstahl, n.d. [between 1974-1977]
double sided: two flyers showing recto & verso
each print 29,8 x 21 cm, here framed: 40 x 51,5 cm
unlimited edition, although less than 500
published by Edition Klaus Staeck, Heidelberg, Germany



Announcement on flyer reads: “Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Verwaltung der Kunstmuseen. D i e b s t a h l. Am Sonntag, den 9. Juni 1974 sind zwei Beuys-Zeichnungen aus unsere Ausstellung gestohlen worden. Bitte setzen Sie sich mit uns oder mit der Kriminalpolizei in Verbindung, falls Ihnen die Zeichnungen angeboten werden.”

English translation:
‘Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Administration of the Art Museums. T h e f t. On Sunday, June 9th 1974, two Beuys drawings were stolen from our exhibition. Please contact us or the Criminal Investigation Department in case these drawings are offered to you.’

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