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KRISTJÁN GUDMUNDSSON, Drawing in Round Frame, 2011

KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON, Drawing in Round Frame, 2011                                                                                                 plexiglass, solid graphite diameter 20 cm / 7.874 x 7.874 inches
edition 20
€ 1.200,- June 2014

In Drawing in Round Frame, Kristján Gudmundsson uses solid graphite framed in an unusual manner. For him another way of making a drawing on a wall and here also in a circular frame. As a minimalist he questions the viewer’s senses, as well as the functions and possibilities of making a fundamental drawing.
Kristján Gudmundsson is a pioneer of Icelandic conceptual art, creating intellectually challenging and sometimes humorous artworks that address issues of science, art, and philosophy. A process artist who drills the mediums of drawing and painting down to their bare essentials.

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....the real avant-garde is in the head.