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Aug 282011


MARIJKE VAN WARMERDAM, Another day, 2011
each 110 x 80 cm
series of 50 unique screen prints, aluminum, framed

With a typically light touch, the work of Marijke van Warmerdam combines a deceptively naïve approach to the act of seeing with straightforward strategies, such as dramatic shifts of scale, doubling, reflection, rhythmic repetition or surprising juxtapositions to urge us to look with our eyes wide open.

In her film loops she depicts perfectly ordinary situations and actions, although factually always staged, with the deliberate use of compositional elements that create an open and unanticipated perspective. In her sculptures, photographic works and paintings, Van Warmerdam is not afraid of using cinematic and visual methods based on animated strategies. In the course of more than two decades she has made a refreshing contribution to the phenomenon of looking.