14,8 x 21,2 x 0,4 cm; 6 parts
stiff 3 hand stitched, cards, letterpress on cardboard cover
hand numbered in pencil
edition 250
published in six languages by Silver Press Reykjavík, Iceland

Kristján Gudmundsson makes conceptual art not only related to ideas on the potentials of materials, lines, space and time, but also quite often related to nature. He makes sculptures of e.g. paper rolls combined with solid graphite and calls these drawings. Among other works he makes books with e.g. pages full of lines until he has catched the distance “Once around the sun”. In “Seamsea” the artist has made drawings of emblematic (Icelandic?) sea waves on thick cardboard pages. It comes in a set of six books with the title in six different languages: English, Icelandic, Dutch, French, Norwegian and Chinese, i.e. Seamsea, Saumasjór, Zoomzee, Mercouture, Sømsjø and [Chinese characters]. Each book contains three drawings that are made of blue yarn; machine sewn on each page. Due to the hard labour to make these hand made books no more than 100 sets have been produced until now. Very good copies.