LILY VAN DER STOKKER, Good, 2003 [cap]

LILY VAN DER STOKKER, Good – Viktor & Rolf cap, 2003
11 x 27 x 17 cm
fabric, print on cap, Viktor & Rolf seal, Viktor & Rolf label, original code tag
ca 6 produced for retail presentation

“Viktor & Rolf liked my work for years and asked me to design something sweet for men. In the end they came to my studio and took a design for a T-shirt from 1992 – an all-over flower pattern which had in it the word “good” with rays around it” said Lily van der Stokker in an interview with John Waters in 2010.

In 2003 Viktor & Rolf produced for preorders and image reasons a shirt, sweater, bumber jacket, trousers, hand bag, tie, cap with a design of Lily van der Stokker. After the introduction for retailers extremely small orders were taken and later on the line was never taken into production; hence very few items of these products can be found on the market.

Nowadays during a live streaming customers can click on any garment they want to order as soon as production is completed. Those orders (with payment) contain valuable ‘consumer feedback’ for fashion houses. Manufacturers know exactly how popular a particular garment may become. Moreover, a preorder with advance says much more than a “like” on Facebook, that not necessarily means a purchase intent.