LOUISE BOURGEOIS, Untitled, 1994


LOUISE BOURGEOIS, Untitled, 1994
each 92,7 x 71 cm / 36 x 28 inches
hand coloured intaglio print
edition 65 (black and white) and edition 35 (red)
signed, numbered
published by The Paris Review, New York, USA
not available

Louise Bourgeois made sculptures in wood, steel, stone and cast rubber and used drawing and printing as a tool of artistic expression, often organic in form and sexually explicit, emotionally aggressive yet witty, covered many stylistic bases. But from first to last they shared a set of repeated themes centered on the human body and its need for nurture and protection in a frightening world;  protection often translated into images of shelter or home.


History of prices:
each US$ 3,500.-  September 2012