MAN RAY, Self Portrait, 1965 [signed autobiography]



MAN RAY, Self Portrait, 1965
24 x 17 x 4 cm
book, autobiography, ill.
1st edition, hand signed in pencil
published by Little Brown & Company Ltd, Canada in association with Atlantic Monthly Press
mylar protection cover
dust cover on lower front side has tiny chips; for the rest more than very good
very rare in this state
€ 980,- plus € 18,- Track and Trace registered mail
inv.MRay 305



This copy of the autobiography Self Portrait of Man Ray has been signed as if the book itself is an art object, i.e. there is no dedication, just a signature in pencil and therefore very rare, as such. The dust cover is supported by a mylar protection cover and an extra inner Highsmith paper wrapping (white).

A signature in a book is always a precarious element when it comes to authenticity, more than when it concerns e.g. an etching published during the lifetime of the author. Below a signature is shown that may be compared with the one on the title page of the autobiography.

Graphological report.
A graphological analysis should describe some remarkable characteristics of the handwriting: surname is written on a lower level than the first name, the run-up diacritical movement of the pencil is equal to each other, the hooky tops of the x-height letters are very similar, one detects several diacritical movements in both signature, the middle leg of the ‘M’ is lifted due to the speed of writing, etc. A graphological description is available, when the book is purchased.