MAN RAY, The man, the art, the work, ca 1955 [hand written text on invite]

MAN RAY, The man, the art, the work, ca 1955
41,5 x 9,7 cm
pencil on (verso) invitation card of exhibition by Stoltenberg
Provenance : Juliet Man Ray

History of prices:
Auction house Drouot 22 June 1999 (Duchamp-Man Ray)
Paris Photo Collection € 1.100,- May 2013

Man Ray wrote the following text on the back of an invitation card: “The man, the art, the work, it is all one. The art of the inner works which unlike the outer does not forsake the content, which he does not do – and can only ‘be’ – spring from depths of which the day knows nothing. The inward work, however, consists in his turning the man he is, and the self he feels himself to be, into the raw material of training and shaping where end is mastering – in art – the artist and the human being meet in something higher. In [?] mastery proves its validity as a form only when it dereels[?] in the boundless truth only sustained by it becomes the origin. The master no longer seeks but finds.

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