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Apr 182017

ca 30 x 21,3 cm
SC, stapled, hand numbered, semi-translucent envelope
edition 100, number 47/100, here also signed
published by Officin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coll. K. van Gelder, Amsterdam


In order to escape the usual logics Marianne Vierø experiments with abstract images and language that create a picture in the head. In this way a discharge takes place and the abstract images are suddenly differently understood. A process that is always fun to see where it may lead to. It is no wonder that Marianne Vierø at an early stage participated in OAOA / The Oceans Academy of Arts, a magazine for playing with ideas of experimental systems of looking and reading. The pseudo institution presents itself as real and plays with its own illusive image as a stage for the artists reflections. The magazine aims to de-condition and un-learn in relation to the critique of reason and common logics. No-sense, fragmentation, de-funtion and a-chronology is what is looked for.