MORITZ EBINGER, Golden Poem / Golden Garden, 2014


MORITZ EBINGER, Golden Poem / Golden Garden, 2014
30,5 x 30,5 cm
LP, 24 carat gold on metal
two versions: “Golden Poem” and “Golden Garden”, each edition 6
verso signed, numbered, dated
published by the artist
This guilded LP comes with regular vinyl; signed on cover
€ 350,-

Moritz Ebinger is known for connecting anything with everything, a bit like André Breton’s method of the écriture automatique. He has made many wall installations with curly crawling creatures that disappear in words and the other way around. He loves to get people involved in his art, activities and actions. The golden record ‘Mi fen ‘na Gowtu’ (Surinam for ‘Let’s go to the gold’ and notice that every round of the record player’s needle deteriorates the grooves!) shows his remarkable generosity towards not only the accumulation of his images already produced but also to people around him. KvG

This golden record contains conversations of a Swiss banker, the owner of a goldmine, a quick silver smugler, a herb-doctor, a Buddha monk and musicians/artists who were commissioned by Moritz Ebinger to participate in this project by integrating Gold in their contributions. Participating artists, among others: The Suprematist Guitar Ensemble, Dick el Demasiado, Bo Kisser, Boompje Trie, Sixton Creeps, FLG Banda Bachata, Klaske Oenema & Harm Wierda, Barney de Krijger and Bigeneric aka Marco Repetto (Marco is the artistic genius of ‘Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein im kalten Polar’ for Grauzone).